Robin V. M. and Swathy K K

Physical fitness is inextricably linked to VO2 max. It is one of the most important factors in determining cardiovascular endurance. Your heart and vein’s ability to push blood to your muscles and the rest of your body can be assessed by your VO2 Max. Knowing your VO2 Max efficiency over time might help you track your fitness and heart health progress. The primary goal of this research is to determine the impact of circuit training on VO2 Max. To achieve this goal, 30 subjects were chosen and divided into two groups: experimental and control. The experimental group received 8 weeks of circuit training, while the control group went about their daily routines. The VO2 Max score was measured using the beep test before and after training. T-test was used to determine the difference between pre- and post-test. Circuit training improved VO2 Max, according to the findings.

Keywords: VO2 Max, Circuit training, Cardiovascular Endurance and Beep Test.

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