Dr. Augustine George


Today's life coupled with competitions and neglect is destroying our precious children. Children's are overstressed to do so many works that their little brains could take. Working parents with little time for the kids are worsening the situation. Little observations at home and overcrowded classrooms often neglect a child. Corrective measures are not taken when they are required and many a children turns out to be academic failures, they face peer rejection and finds no one to turn on. No teachers at school no parents at home. The children with learning disability are on rise. Physical activities in the form of fun games serve to these children as a hope of reunification with their peers. These activities instill self esteem and physical fitness. From the last fifteen years there have been number of research to find out the effects of exercise on the cognitive function. Many of these studies have revealed of various positive effects of exercise on brain. Exercise could also serve as a boon to these effected children in many different ways. It's high time to regard sports, games and exercise as serious activities.
Keywords: Learning Disability, Physical Activity, Self Esteem, Physical Fitness and Cognitive Function.

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