Value based education for character formation is the need of the hour. Today the world is reeling under the oppression of wickedness. In every sphere we see evil is in broad light and goodness is sidelined. Hence the need for value based education. Today educational system is an important means to bring in the students to mould them through moral values. Thin we will have a humanity of character and integrity. Today's education system has to be given a fresh outlook. In order to overcome the rampant scourge of value erosion there should be a re-orientation. Priority should be given to inclusion of value component in all educational programmes. Values are the life blood of human beings. Value inculcation through various programmes are essential for harmonious development of one's personality. Need for human values are felt immemorial. Without values none can live an authentic life with dignity. To make our world a better place to live it's a duty of the humanity to imbibe the values which are nourishing and invigorating. Without basic values human life will be a vacuum which cannot be filled in by any other alternatives. Each and every one should take personal responsibility to be the agents of moral values

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