True democracy is a system which in Abraham Lincoln’s word is a government of the people, by the people and for the people. While most of the democracies have given a system which has government elected by all the societies, it is debatable whether the government comprises of all the divers section and importantly whether the government works for all the people of the democracy. In this context, the problem of low participation of women is of special concern for democracies and without change that true democracy can never be achieved. Women’s participation in decision-making is essential for women’s interests to b incorporated into governments. It has been widely experienced that government structure which do not provide for adequate participation of women, often suffer from state intervention which are neither inclusive nor democratic. Including women’s especially in local government is an essential step towards creating gender sensitive policies. Since women have different needs and perspective on social and political issues, it is important to involve women in governments to incorporate all of the societal viewpoints in policy and decision making processes.

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