Informal sector plays an important role in the Indian economy. Workers in informal sector are found in rural areas as well as in urban areas. As in urban areas different job opportunities are available, so people in order to earn well go for migration from rural to urban areas. Within the urban areas only a small percentage of total workforcesare absorbed in formal sector with comprehensive social security provisions. Major section of workforce is working in informal sector with least social security provisions. It is matter of fact that mostly socially and educationally backward people are working in informal sector. Informal sector workers don’t have a sound social security provision as workers in the formal sector have. In the state of Jammu and Kashmir 88.5 percent of total workforce is working in informal sector.Workers in informal sector run business on their own accounts or work on per day low wages.The present research has been carried out on sumo divers, with the purpose of studying their various life aspects like their economic conditions, social life and health problems.Sumo is one of the main modes of public transport in District Srinagar.Sumo is a four wheeler vehicle used to carry passengers in order to travel from one place to another. Many people get into this profession with hope of earning a decent income for the benefit of themselves and their families. However, the profession makes them to face various socio-economic challenges.In order to explore such challenges, a quantitative studywas carried out in District Srinagar.

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