As per the Qur’anic dictum wa yuallimhum al kitab wal hikmah, one of the important purposes of Muhammad’s (?) prophethood was to enrich and acquaint humans with true knowledge, the knowledge which as per the divine commandment guides humanity towards the comprehension and establishment of justice both at the individual as well as at the collective (social) level and helps them in the attainment of salvation. Since knowledge guides action and whether a person or society is just or unjust in its approach depends hugely upon the fact whether it is knowledgeable or ignorant. It is due to this fact that Holy Qur’an, being the revealed book on Muhammad (?), outwardly rejects any notion of equality between the approach of one who is knowledgeable and the other who is ignorant. Here, one must not equate the notion of Knowledge in contemporary times with the concept of knowledge in prophetic model; unlike the various knowledge theories in present times the prophetic conception of knowledge is all inclusive and highly panoptic. Likewise the prophetic way of disseminating this knowledge i.e. Education, is very interesting and highly relevant for all times. The reason behind its relevance for all times, is due to the fact that it is not the model given by some educationist on the basis of his limited knowledge and experience, it is the model given by a perfect human who was divinely guided in his endeavor and who was declared by the Lord of this entire universe as the perfect model for the whole humanity. It is the model given by the person who in his lifetime not only remained confined with the dissemination of knowledge at theoretical level but was able to fetch its results at the operational level also and this got manifested with the establishment of a society which was based on lofty principles of God-consciousness, Equality, Justice, brotherhood and so on. This paper is a humble attempt to discuss Prophet as an educator and study some of the prominent features of his educational model.


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