Bhartendu Sharma and Dr. Brij Kishore Prasad


The purpose of this study was to compare leg strength among Volleyball and Basketball players. Thirty (30) subjects of Volleyball and Basketball match practice group belonging to the age group 18-25 years from College of Physical Education, Institute of Professional Studies, Gwalior, were selected randomly as subjects. For the purpose of this study and to get up to the valid conclusion researcher had chosen one variable namely Leg strength as dependent variable. To compare the leg strength of Volleyball and Basketball players so one shot experimental research design was used. In order to compare leg strength of Volleyball and Basketball players independent “t” test was employed as statistical technique at the 0.05 level of significance. The score were taken the best of three distances recorded in centimeters and meters only the best trial was recorded. Findings of the study show that there is no significant difference was found between belonging to Volleyball and Basketball players in the means of leg strength.

Key Words: Leg Strength and Standing Broad Jump

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