The basic ideas of statistics and data science are becoming almost a core competency for citizenship in the 21st Century. We can all see that the world is becoming more and more data-oriented, and statistics is becoming one of the most important pillars of our progress. With statistics, we test hypotheses and break myths. This paper encourages a big-tent view of data analysis. We examine how evolving approaches to modern data analysis relate to the existing discipline of statistics (e.g. exploratory analysis, machine learning, reproducibility, computation, communication and the role of theory). Finally, we discuss what these trends mean for the future of statistics by highlighting promising directions for communication, education and research.Data science is being essentially the systematic study of the extraction of knowledge from data. But analyzing data is something people have been doing with statistics and related methods for a while. Why then do we need a new term like data science when we have had statistics for centuries? Taking all these facts this paper reviews some ingredients of the currentData Science moments, including the trend and about how/whether Data Science is correlated with Statistics and what are the trend and challenges in 21st century.


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