Dr. G.S. Dhanju


In today’s sports scenario agility is termed as the most important factor that contributes to successful performance in the field. The purpose of the present study was to examine whether there is any casual relationship with agility performance on the degree of functional flexibility. In order to conduct the experiment, 26 male physical education students of Govind national College Narangwal Ludhiana were selected randomly to serve as subjects All the twenty six students were tested before they were once again assigned to two different groups i.e experimental and controlled one. The subjects in the treatment group were trained with five stretching exercises (both ballistic and static types) which were specially designed for the purpose for improving flexibility at trunk and hip. All the subjects of both control and experimental groups were tested for agility before the treatment. ‘Illinois agility test (Getchell, 1979)’ was used to measure the agility as it was considered to be the most reliable and valid agility test compared to any other. ‘Sit and reach’ test was used to measure the flexibility of the hip and trunk. Each subject was given three trials to do his best. The best trail was used for the analysis Analysis of Co –Variance (ANCOVA) was used to test the hypothesis. The pre test scores were used as (Covariate) control variable.

 Keywords: flexibility exercise, Sit and reach’ and Agility performance

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