Dr. Deba Prasad Sahu


Sports performance has been constantly improving with new technology, ideas and theories for improved training and new techniques and fresh drills have been developed to benefit the athlete and their performance ability. The purpose of the study was to find out pre-competition anxiety between state level male and female athletes. Due to the fact that during competition athletes’ mental state greatly affects their stamina explosion, which finally influence the result of final competition. Anxiety in sports is considered as an important issue for many athletes. It refers to a sort of nervous and fear emotion formed by frustration of self-esteem and self- confidence, or increasing of the sense of failure and guilty, which is resulted by the threat from being unable to achieve goals or to overcome obstacles at the right time. For the purpose of the study the subjects were selected randomly from 64rd State Athletic Championships of West Bengal to measure the pre-competition anxiety by a questionnaire Sport Competition Anxiety Test (SCAT) developed by Rainer Marten. 45 male and 45 female athletes,(15 Sprinter, 15 Jumpers, 15 Throwers in each sex) selected randomly from the said Athletic Championships. To find out pre-competition anxiety state level male and female athletes. The age of the subjects ware ranged between 16 to 20 years. Two way ANOVA tests at 0.05 level of significance were applied to calculate the collected data. The result showed that there was significant difference between Male and Female athletes, Sprinters and Jumpers in sex, Jumpers and Throwers in sex, Male and Female Sprinters but No Significant difference between Throwers and Sprinters in both sex, Male and Female Jumpers, Male and Female Throwers.

Keywords: Pre-competition anxiety, Sprinter, Jumpers, Throwers, Male athletes, Female athletes.

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