Mr.Mukesh Kumar, Dr.Usha Tiwari and Dr. Dhirendar Tiwari


The study was frame to compare the Personality dimension (Enthusiastic – Non Enthusiastic) of Indian and Ethiopian physical education students. A personality dimension can be looked as the basic element contributing to the whole personality. The dimension of personality is often called as the personality trait. While the trait is basic structural element, dimension provides a range for this trait to vary as per the behavioral classification. The subjects of this study were 200 randomly selected students in each sample from physical education students from India and as well as India. The personality dimension (Enthusiastic-Non Enthusiastic) of the subjects was gauged by using Dimensional Personality Inventory (DPI) developed by Mahesh Bhargav. It was hypothesized that there will not be any significant difference between means of personality dimension (Enthusiastic-Non Enthusiastic)of  Indian and Ethiopian physical education students. The analysis of data was done by analyzing descriptive (mean and standard deviations) and ‘t’ test for independent samples for comparison of means. The level of significance was set at 0.05 levels. The purpose and direction related to answering the questionnaire was clearly explained to Indian and Ethiopian physical education students. After clearing all the doubt regarding questionnaire, the test was administered. The analysis of data has been presented in the following order: Descriptive Analysis: Means, standard deviations, range of scores, maximum score and minimum scores were calculated and represented in tabular and graphical form. Independent Samples Test: For testing the hypothesis and to find the significant differences between the means of both the groups, the ‘t’ test for independent samples was applied. The level of significance to check the  ‘t’ value were set at 0.05 level, which was considered appropriate keeping in view the process applied, sample size and instruments used in the study.

Keywords: Personality, Enthusiasm, Traits and Behavior.

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